two protest figures arrested on the eve of the elections

The opponent Karim Tabbou, a Hirak figure and the director of a radio station close to this pro-democracy movement, were arrested on the eve of the legislative elections, AFP learned Thursday (June 10) from those around them. “Arrest of #Karim_Tabbou near his home», Wrote his brother Djafar on his Facebook page. Meanwhile, the director of the Algerian station Radio M and the Maghreb Emergent news site, Ihsane El Kadi, was also arrested, the Casbah Tribune news site reported.

Karim Tabbou, 47, was released on April 29 under judicial supervision after an altercation with Bouzid Lazhari, the president of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), an official body. Imprisoned from September 2019 to July 2020, Karim Tabbou is a very popular face of the anti-regime protest, Hirak, launched in February 2019. As for Ihsane El Kadi, he was placed under judicial supervision on May 18. He is accused of “dissemination of false information capable of undermining national unity», «election disruption“And”reopening of the national tragedy file“From the 1990s. This last charge refers to the Charter for Peace and Reconciliation, which is supposed to turn the page on the civil war of the”black decade» (1992-2002).

Under judicial review, the two men are prohibited from speaking to the press. These arrests took place 48 hours before the early legislative elections supposed to bring new legitimacy to the regime but rejected by the protest movement Hirak and part of the opposition, against a background of generalized repression. They come as a group of French journalists have been in Algiers since Wednesday to cover Saturday’s poll.

As the election deadline approaches, the regime – the civilian front of the army – has stepped up arrests and legal proceedings against and legal proceedings targeting political opponents, Iraqi activists, lawyers and independent journalists. Some 222 people are currently imprisoned for acts related to Hirak and / or individual freedoms, according to the National Committee for the Release of Prisoners (CNLD), a support association.


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