Two roads were temporarily blocked in Stavropol Territory due to mudflow – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

On two intercity roads in the Stavropol Territory, on Monday evening, traffic was temporarily limited due to a powerful mudflow that descended on the roadway. According to the press service of the UGIBDD of the region, the mudflows caused heavy rain in the east of the region.

– Negative weather conditions, in the form of heavy rainfall and wind, have become the reason for restricting the movement of vehicles in the Budennovsky and Blagodarny municipalities on the road: “Svetlograd-Blagodarny-Budennovsk” from 71 to 121 kilometers. At 11:30 pm, traffic on the Kochubei-Zelenokumsk-Mineralnye Vody highway from 231 to 233 kilometers was restricted, the State Traffic Inspectorate noted.

The video, which was posted on their Instagram account by the region’s traffic police, shows that a stream of mud flows along the road, which carries branches and debris. The traffic police car stops and cannot pass.

Drivers were advised to use bypass routes. Now, at both sections, special equipment is working, which clears the roadway from mud and trees caused by mudflows. DPS outfits control the situation on the spot.

According to preliminary data, the roads will remain closed until Tuesday morning.


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