Tybring-Gjedde wants to recall the Norwegian ambassador to Iran – Huitfeldt says no – Document

Christian Tybring-Gjedde (FrP) asks Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt whether the government has considered expelling the Iranian ambassador and recalling the Norwegian ambassador to Iran.

Tybring-Gjedde points out in a written question that dialogue with the Iranian authorities has had no effect on Iran’s policy, and that the situation is constantly getting worse.

Huitfeldt overlooks this and maintains in his answer that dialogue is important.

– Norway condemns Iran’s use of violence against peaceful demonstrators and executions of persons arrested in connection with the demonstrations. We therefore encourage Iran to stop using the death penalty and to respect human rights, writes the foreign minister.

Tybring-Gjedde also wonders what circumstances will be required before a solution with deportation and recall will be considered by the government.

– Closing the door to countries we disagree with is not this government’s line. Nor do I want to speculate on hypothetical situations that would make it necessary to expel Iranian diplomats from Norway, Huitfeldt replies to that.

She is determined that dialogue is the only right thing to do.

– It is not currently relevant to recall Norwegian diplomats from Tehran. This will reduce the possibility of following the situation locally and conveying the Norwegian view to the Iranian authorities, writes Huitfeldt.

Huitfeldt reprimanded Iran – shortly afterwards Iran demanded stricter punishments for women who do not wear the hijab

The Foreign Minister believes this is about principles, and not a knee-jerk reaction to the regime in Iran.

– The fact that we talk together does not mean that we recognize their politics or legitimize their values. We must talk to those with whom we disagree. We have to show what we stand for, without compromising our own principles, says Huitfeldt.

She points out that on several occasions Norway has asked Iran to respect human rights, and that “this was most recently raised with Iran’s ambassador when he was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on 10 January 2023.”

– In the meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeated that what is now happening in the country is completely unacceptable and must stop, writes Huitfeldt.

What she does not mention is the fact that only a few hours after the meeting, the Iranian authorities showed how little they care about Norway’s criticism.

In the wake of Huitfeldt’s criticism of Iran’s violations of human rights, the Iranian judiciary ordered the police to “severely punish” people who break the country’s order that women wear the hijab.

They also called for a more active morality police.

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