UK is predicted to warm up in sunlight with temperature reaches 27C | United Kingdom weather

Majority of UK can count on swimming in sunlight in coming week like temperature climb to possible high of 27C in what will make the warmest spell of in year.

Saturday could be ’16-19C wide – with 24C possible high in southeast,” Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said.

The widespread sun set be present on the side north of Scotland in the south of England, with just some speckled cloud in northern and western regions.

However, the Met Office warned that a sunny Saturday that would have been ideal for barbecue, heavy rain may follow and thunderstorms as air warms up.

“By Saturday evening, these showers will appear in the southwest. [of England]quite widespread in the southern regions of England and South Wales,” McGivern said.

“In some places it would be just be a spell of rain but for central and southern England and south coast risk of several heavy rains thunderstorms and frequent lightning.

Sunday will probably be another good day.

Warm air from north Africa set warm up to above average temperature for May in most places in United Kingdom over in next a week but it will be broken up with potentially heavy or thunderstorms.

The weather bureau reported that parts of southeast could potentially reach maximum temperatures for a week of 25C-27C.

Met Office spokesman Richard Miles said that “at the moment, Tuesday looks like the warmest day of a week”.

During the week some people we will enjoy warm sunny spells but heavy rainfall set to move throughout of countries, in particular in in north and west. It could be a thunderstorm times in parts of south, central England and southwest Scotland.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “The plume of warm air we waited from the south to bring higher temperatures throughout the country over in next week.

“However, it seems like impact of Atlantic lows will prevent sustained high pressure building from the east.

“This means that although we may see some warmth – and in places are very warm – days in general next the week will feel more like what do we expect of warm spell in May, with some heavy rains around, not hot summer weather”.

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