UK trade and pubs criticize use of Covid certificate to enter store – 08/04/2021 – Painel SA

In addition to facing opposition in parliament, the idea of ​​British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to create certificates to certify those at low risk of transmitting Covid-19, after vaccination, testing or curing a recent infection, has received criticism from stores and pubs.

For BRC (consortium of British retail companies), the verification of documents at the entrance of stores would be a barrier to impulse purchases. Small retailers also criticized the idea, saying that it would generate an additional cost to hire the worker who would be at the door of the establishments checking the certificates.

The national association of pubs, on the other hand, complains that younger customers would end up on leave, because they should take longer to receive the vaccine.

With a downward trend in coronavirus infections, the UK begins to relax restrictions on non-essential trade next week. The government also provides free trials for everyone twice a week.

With Filipe Oliveira e Andressa Motter

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