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Britain is set for an extended heatwave as temperatures are on course to skyrocket into the high twenties and could even touch 30C over the next few days. The latest maximum temperature maps produced by Netweather show large areas of the UK turning a shade of red as hot air continues to grip the country.

Warm and sunny spells have dominated the UK during the early part of the week, with the mercury remaining in the low to mid-twenties.

However, Britons can expect temperatures to surge further later this week and into next week, as high pressure closes in from the Azores.

From Thursday, temperatures are on course to hit 25C in the southeast of England, with highs of 23C in the North and 21C in Wales, according to Netweather charts.

Glorious sunshine will persist on Friday, with the mercury set to climb further to 27C in the South, 24C in the northwest and 23C in the Midlands by 6pm.

The balmy conditions will become more widespread into the weekend as plumes of warm air move in a northerly direction.

Eastern areas are set to experience the highest temperatures, with even 30C forecast in some areas, according to Netweather.TV’s Nick Finnis.

He said: “High pressure close to southern Britain to end this week will build further north across Britain over the weekend.

“So Scotland and Northern Ireland that haven’t faired so well with the fine weather this week will join England and Wales to see sunnier and warmer weather over the weekend.

“It will be hot across eastern England – with temperatures reaching the highs 20Cs, maybe a 30C in a few spots.

“High pressure looks to remain close by early next week, so the fine and very warm or hot weather continuing for many.”

BBC Weather’s outlook added: “High pressure should become more dominant towards the end of next week, with drier and sunnier weather for all by next weekend.

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Central and northeastern areas of the UK can expect the mercury to peak at 22C, with the low twenties and high-teens forecast elsewhere.

High pressure will remain concentrate over eastern areas into Tuesday, but there is set to be no let off in the temperatures, with highs of 28C in the South.

The blazing conditions are set to begin to wane into the middle part of the week, with the threat of showers for most and even thunder in the South, according to the Met Office.

The Met Office outlook from Sunday, June 13 says: “High pressure across the majority of the UK looks to bring a lot of dry and settled weather at first.

“However, in the far north outside of the influence of this, there will be spells of cloudy, windy and wet weather at times.

“There will be a risk of showers in the south, especially mid-next week, which could even culminate in a thundery breakdown.

“Temperatures are expected to be very warm under the high, perhaps hot for a time in the southeast, but look to remain average in the far north.”

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