Ukraine has not abandoned the idea of ​​deploying UN peacekeepers

Ukraine continues to consider the deployment of UN peacekeepers as one of the options for ensuring the security of the border with Russia, which is now not under Kiev’s control. This was stated on Tuesday by Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa, speaking at a plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly.

“We are fully convinced that security remains a key element of de-escalation,” he said. “As long as the 400 km section of the border remains open, the situation will be tense and fragile. Ukraine’s sovereign control over the state border must be restored. UN peacekeepers, as an option can play an important role in monitoring her. “

Kislitsa also made a number of accusations against Russia, including in connection with an alleged violation of human rights in Crimea and support for armed groups in the DPR and LPR. He also proposed to deprive Russia of the veto right in the UN Security Council on issues involving Ukraine, since, according to him, she is a party to the conflict.

The peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass is based on the so-called Minsk Agreements, which imply not only a ceasefire, withdrawal of weapons, amnesty, resumption of economic ties, but also a deep constitutional reform in Ukraine, which should result in decentralization of power, taking into account the special status of certain regions. Donetsk and Lugansk regions. However, until now, this plan remains unfulfilled. The Ukrainian side completely refused to fulfill the political points of the agreement, referring to the unsettledness of security issues.


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