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The two British men and one Moroccan man sentenced to death in Donestk have begun an appeal.

Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Brahim Saadoun were found by the court in the Donestk People’s Republic (DPR) – one of the Russian-controlled breakaway regions of Ukraine – of “mercenary activities and committing actions aimed at seizing power and overthrowing the constitutional order of the DPR”.

TASS quoted Mr Pinner’s lawyer, Yulia Tserkovnikova,as saying: “My colleagues and I are currently preparing the full text of an appeal against the sentence in the interests of our defendants.

“Undoubtedly, if the appeal is dismissed and the sentence comes into force, a request for clemency will be filed as this is an inherent right of the defendants, under the legislation of the Dontesk People’s Republic.

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