Ukrainian edition advised US ships to stay in the Black Sea

The United States admits the possibility of sending its own warships to the Black Sea to show its support for Ukraine, but Kiev would benefit greatly from the deployment of American ships in the region on a permanent basis. This opinion is given by the edition “Glavred”.

It is noted that the presence of US ships will be a deterrent for Russia. At the same time, when there are potentially opposing forces in a limited space, tensions increase, and there is a great risk of an accidental start of war, the author of the material believes.

However, no one is intentionally going to fight in the Black Sea, the author expressed confidence.

Earlier, a source in the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Washington had notified Ankara about the passage of its two warships through the Bosphorus and the Black Sea, where they would remain from April 14-15 to May 4-5.


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