UN does not fund protests in Belarus or elsewhere

The UN does not finance protests in Belarus or in any other country. This was announced to TASS on Thursday by the deputy official representative of the secretary general of the world organization Farhan Khak.

“In implementing its programs, the UN works closely with the Belarusian government and civil society partners. The UN does not finance protests in Belarus or anywhere else. The UN works with all countries to achieve sustainable development goals and respect for human rights. “, – he said.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was outraged by the accusations contained in the report of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres against Belarus that the republic’s authorities allegedly persecute their citizens for cooperation with UN human rights organizations. As the minister noted, the point is that the funds of the Russian Federation’s voluntary contribution to the world organization, allocated for the implementation of various human rights projects in Belarus, were transferred to lawyers who defended persons who were accused of participating in illegal demonstrations and protests. Lavrov added that Russia expects a clear reaction to this situation from the UN Secretariat and Secretary General in the coming days.

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