UN warning: The pandemic is at a critical stage

The World Health Organization warned yesterday that the (Covid-19) epidemic has reached a “critical stage”, with a significant increase in the number of infections, indicating that it can be controlled in “a few months” if the right measures are taken.

The head of the WHO’s technical team on epidemic control, Maria Van Khirkov, said in a press conference: “We are currently witnessing a critical phase of the epidemic, because its course is constantly increasing, and this is not the situation we should be in 16 months after the start of the pandemic, while we are We have effective means to control the pandemic ». And she explained that the number of injuries increased last week by a rate of 9 per cent in the world, while deaths increased by 5 per cent.

For his part, the Director-General of the Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said, “Confusion and inaction in the face of (Covid-19) means that there is still a long way to the end of the pandemic, but it can be controlled within months with effective measures in the field of public health.” He explained that “this is the seventh consecutive week that witnesses an increase in the number of injuries, and the fourth consecutive week in which deaths rise.”

In addition, the British yesterday regained some of their freedom to go to shopping stores and restaurants, after lifting many of the closure restrictions that continued during most of the winter months, but now they are receiving the spring season with optimism after the number of vaccinated people has reached 40 million.

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