under the Fifth Republic, what the polls said a year before the election

BIG DECRYPTION – In one year, many favorites (Giscard, Balladur, DSK…) collapsed when several candidates struggling (Mitterrand, Chirac, Holland) finally won.

One year from the deadline, can we trust the polls on the presidential election? From the waiver of De Gaulle to the election of Emmanuel Macron, surprises were often present. A look back at eight ballots in the Fifth Republic, the 1969 and 1974 elections not being analyzed here because of their unpredictable anticipation.

1964: De Gaulle in majesty

A year before the first election of the President of the Republic by universal suffrage, nobody imagines that this ballot is anything other than a simple formality for General de Gaulle. On December 19, 1964, France was united behind its president, who presided over the transfer to the Pantheon of the ashes of Jean Moulin. Nobody dares to dream of a waiver of the founder of the Ve Republic, but many hope to reshape the political landscape. The “Independents”, that is to say the non-Gaullist right, have their candidate: Antoine Pinay, who broke with de Gaulle in 1960. But the hypothesis fizzled out.

On the left, hopes are on the mayor

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