Unemployment saw its biggest increase since the start of the health crisis in April

The number of category A job seekers rose 1.7% in April, according to figures from Dares.

After months of stability, the number of job seekers in category A (without activity) recorded an increase of 1.7% in April, or 65,600 more registered, to stand at 3.863 million, according to figures from the Ministry of Labor published this Thursday. Including reduced activity (categories B and C), the number of job seekers in France (excluding Mayotte) was almost stable in April compared to the previous month (-0.1%, or -7,000) and establishes at 6.012 million, according to the Statistics Directorate (Dares).

Biggest increase since April 2020

These monthly statistics are published without comment on the Dares website, which has decided to return to an analysis of quarterly developments, less volatile, as before the Covid-19 health crisis. For category A, this is the largest increase observed since April 2020. It is carried by the “leisure activities for children or adolescents», Likely to have been severely affected by the restrictions in April. From the beginning of April, a new wave of restrictions had been put in place to curb the spread of the virus, including the closure of nurseries and schools for three to four weeks.

The increase is much more marked for young people (+ 3.2%) than for median ages and seniors (+ 1.6% and + 1.3%), undoubtedly in connection with the professions concerned. The number of job seekers in category B and C, on the other hand, fell sharply, in particular in category C (-4.8%), some having switched to category A. The latest quarterly results published at the end of April had shown state of a slight drop in unemployment in the 1st quarter (-0.4%), the increase remaining 6.3% over one year.

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