Union centrals call for mobilization against Bolsonaro on June 19 – 06/09/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

Union centrals decided to support the national mobilization against President Jair Bolsonaro called for June 19th. The participation of these groups thickens the act that left-wing entities had already called for the same date.

Before, on the 18th, the same union groups are mobilizing assemblies, acts, leaflets and occasional stoppages in workplaces and public transport terminals. These initiatives will also serve to raise awareness among participants about precautionary measures against Covid-19 to be adopted in the acts of the following day.

The protest of the 19th received on Wednesday (9) the support of the CUT (Single Workers Center), Força Sindical, UGT (General Union of Workers), CTB (Central of Workers and Workers of Brazil), NCST (New Trade Union Center of Workers), CSB (Brazilian Unions Central), CGTB (Brazilian General Workers Centre), Intersindical (Working Class Central) and Intersindical Coordination.

“We invested in the construction of the unit as a movement of approximations, in search of convergences and paths to promote a common agenda”, says Sérgio Nobre, president of the CUT.​

“The centrals made the decision, as we reached the limit. Bolsonaro shows himself every day that he is more lethal than the virus”, says Antonio Neto, president of the CSB. “We will organize the fight on the 18th to take to the streets on the 19th for the Impeachment of this genocide and this government of death.”

“The pandemic has already claimed the lives of nearly half a million people in Brazil. These are lives that could be preserved if we had a responsible government and not a denial government”, claims Miguel Torres, president of Força Sindical.

“The coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of nearly half a million Brazilians in the face of the incompetence of the federal government, poses a risk to the population, which must avoid crowding during protests and demonstrations. However, it is necessary to give capillarity to the mobilizations, involving all workers in the struggle of unions and other popular organizations to advance in the construction of a democratic country and in the fight against the practice of destruction of our institutions and our rights, implemented by the current federal government”, says a note issued by the centrals .

“Part of the fight against Bolsonaro misgovernance is to repudiate obscurantism, denial and fake news and spread awareness among workers of the seriousness of the pandemic, as well as information so that everyone can protect life, not only their own, but also the of all”, follows the text.

In addition to Bolsonaro’s impeachment, support for greater vaccination and emergency aid of R$600 will also be on the agenda of the mobilization on the 19th.

Left groups that led the acts against Jair Bolsonaro on the 29th confirmed for the next Saturday, the 19th, the holding of new protests for the impeachment of the president across the country. The idea is to establish an extensive schedule of protests throughout the month.

The opposition to Bolsonaro also foresees separate acts in the previous days, including against the holding of the Copa America in the country. The opening of the tournament is scheduled for the 13th.

The incorporation of the “There will be no Cup” banner to the joint demonstration was even defended behind the scenes, but the proposal was eventually refuted. With that, the main agendas of the 19th will be the departure of Bolsonaro and the requests for more vaccines against Covid-19 and emergency aid of R$ 600.

Social, student and union movements, as well as left-wing parties (grouped in a forum called the national campaign Fora, Bolsonaro), attracted thousands of people to the streets in 210 cities in Brazil and in 14 countries, over the weekend, in the biggest protest against the government during the pandemic

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