Union centrals will ask for a minimum wage of R$ 1,342 for Lula – 11/25/2022 – Panel

In a meeting this Friday (25), the trade union centrals decided together that they will ask the president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) that the minimum salary of 2023 be R$ 1,342. They will present the proposal to him in December, in a face-to-face meeting.

CUT, UGT, CSB, CTB and Força Sindical took part in the meeting. The calculation of the readjustment amount was based on the INPC (inflation estimate) in 2022 and GDP growth (4.6%) in 2021. The minimum wage today is R$ 1,212.

In relation to the other years, the centrals defend the opening of a negotiation table for the definition of a new policy

At the meeting, leaders defended presenting Lula with a repeal, with specific issues in relation to labor reform (such as the return of ultraactivity and approvals in the union), but also involving issues related to safety and health at work.

Others considered, however, that the current composition of Congress, more conservative, would make such an action more difficult.

The union centrals also decided to support the Transition PEC.

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