Unscheduled inspections are expected on the beaches of the Belgorod Region during the swimming season

The head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov proposed to organize unscheduled inspections of beaches in cities and districts of the region. This is necessary in order to control how responsibly municipalities are concerned with the safety of people on the water.

On June 7, at an operational meeting, members of the regional government discussed the work of the beaches in the summer. In total, there are 67 places for water recreation in the region, and all of them have been tested for the swimming season.

At the meeting, it was noted that in some areas there are not enough lifeguards on the beaches, in addition, the areas do not always responsibly approach the production of information stands, which is why their quality is lame and the service life is reduced.

“If only one rescue sailor works on the beach, and an emergency occurs, then this is the fault of the municipality,” Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote on his VK page. He ordered to organize unscheduled inspections to monitor the operation of the beaches. It is expected that such checks will take place once a month, mainly in the evenings.

The head of the region added that now he sets the task of providing comfortable and safe conditions for the residents of the region having a rest on the water.

“The lives of people depend on how our work is organized. If there is no high-quality organization of recreation on the water, we will expose our residents to danger,” Gladkov wrote.


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