Unusual prisoner of a Moscow pre-trial detention center: forgotten by all ambulance worker disappears

He hasn’t taken off his white coat for three months.

An employee of the Republican Ambulance Station (RSSMP) from Grozny, who opened a palm tree in Moscow during a road conflict, found himself in a Moscow pre-trial detention center in a strange situation. For all three months of his detention, the man was unable to contact his loved ones, and all this time he wears only his medical suit with the inscription “103”.

Imram Davletukayev today is one of the most unusual prisoners of the Matrosskaya Tishina. He looks like he came here with a team of doctors to provide an ambulance. All that is missing is a suitcase, and the habit that has now emerged is embarrassing to walk with his hands behind his back.

– I shouldn’t be in jail, – the man is indignant. – I want the public to know about my story.

Actually, he got into the crime news on March 20, 2021, right after a traffic incident at the intersection of Kashirskoye Highway and Shipilovskaya Street. It was known that the drivers of two cars had an argument with each other, one of which was an ambulance with Chechen license plates, whose worker shot at the driver of a VAZ-2115. But what the “hot” Chechen doctors did in Moscow, why they were armed – there were only rumors about it.

“I worked as a driver in an ambulance for 20 years,” says Davletukayev. – And during this time, there have been various incidents. That is why 7 years ago I officially acquired a traumatic pistol, which I took with me, taking over my shift. From Grozny to Moscow, a paramedic and I arrived in an ambulance to pick up a seriously ill woman. She has oncology of the last degree, the metropolitan doctors could no longer do anything, and within the framework of the agreement she had to be returned to Grozny. Moreover, it was impossible to deliver it by plane due to contraindications (she could die in flight), so road transport was the only possible one.

– Young people did not let us pass. They bent the ambulance door, that is, damaged state property. Then they started beating the doctor. I stood up, pulled out my pistol, fired a warning shot, then shot one below the belt for protection.

The victim was eventually hospitalized with a wound in the lumbar region. And Davletukayev was detained, the court took him into custody.

– I spent a day for the ruble, I had one goal – to take the patient and back home, – sighs Imram. – Who knew that this would happen?

At home in Grozny he has two children, 9 and 13 years old.

According to him, during the three months of his detention, no investigative actions were carried out with him, and it seems to him that everyone has forgotten about him. He was not given permission to call his family, so he can only keep in touch with them by correspondence (but letters are rare). For all the time, he only once received a package from friends, so he eats exclusively prison food. The republican conceal cannot change his worker’s costume – there is nothing. Plus, it’s the only connection to reality that reminds him of who he is. Apparently, the man still cannot believe that he was behind bars.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28553 dated June 7, 2021

Newspaper headline:
An ambulance worker became a prisoner without taking off his white coat


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