Updated map of the spread of coronavirus in the Tver region

As of July 22, 270 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in the Tver region. 114 of them fell on Tver.

24 people fell ill in Konakovsky district, 21 in Kashinsky GO, 20 in Kalininsky district, 13 in Staritsky district and 12 in Kimry.

Eight people became infected in the Belsky district, six – in the Vyshnevolotsk city district and the Oleninsky district, five – in Rzhev. Four became infected in the Rzhevsky and Maksatikhinsky districts, as well as in the Nelidovsky GO, three in the Kimrsky, Torzhoksky, Bezhetsky, Kalyazinsky districts, Ostashkovsky GO and Torzhok.

Two cases were found in Likhoslavl and Kesovogorsk districts, Andreapol and Krasnokholmsk municipalities.

Isolated cases were confirmed in Bologovsky, Zubtsovsky and Sonkovsky districts.


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