Urgent call for blood donations, stocks at critical level

The French Blood Establishment is facing an explosion in demand and reminds that even those who have just been vaccinated can donate.

A situation “very disturbing“. The French Blood Establishment (EFS), faced with too small stocks, is launching an urgent appeal for donations. “With around 80,000 bags, the blood supply is now too low. The tension is even very strong on certain groups, in particular the O and the B“, Noted Tuesday its president, François Toujas, during a press point. “We should not ask hospitals to deprogram elective surgeries. To avoid getting there, it is therefore necessary to call for a strong mobilization of all donors.»

More than 2,000 donors are missing each week and the critical threshold of 85,000 bags has been reached, resulting in “a degraded operation which requires work in tension to supply quickly“Healthcare establishments,” explains Hervé Meinrad, director of collection at the EFS.

If stocks are low, it is also because demand has been particularly strong for several days. “About 48,000 blood products were released last week, which is almost a record. This surely means that we are in the process of catching up with operations postponed during periods of confinement.», Estimates François Toujas. How many pockets will it take to make up for lost time? Difficult to say, admits the EFS, because these choices belong to the medial teams and the establishment, “in constant search of information»At this level, must constantly adapt.

The EFS thus aims for the stock “comfortable»120,000 pockets in order to spend the summer holidays without a hitch; he launched a mobilization campaign for this on Wednesday and for a month: “Take over, a month for ALL to give», In order to encourage donors to come and play the role of ambassadors.

Impact des fake news

For the French Blood Establishment, 2020 at the start of 2021 was a period “complicated», even “chaotic»At the donation level, with enormous fluctuations between needs and blood supply, due to both confinements and deprogramming of operations. “The whole difficulty was finding a balance», Explains Hervé Meinrad.

The confinements and prolonged closures of schools, universities and businesses have particularly strongly impacted mobile collection, which represents around 80% of the overall supply. “We had to find rooms which were also sometimes requisitioned for vaccination», Notes François Toujas, who adds that during periods of deconfinement, donors were also less numerous.

Another element that may have slowed down collection in recent months, the growing impact of fake news. The president of the EFS insists that blood donation is possible without delay after vaccination against Covid-19, and even if one is not vaccinated. As for people who have had the disease, “they must wait 14 days after symptoms disappear to donate blood“, Recalls Pascale Richard, medical director of the EFS, who adds that there is no risk of Covid linked to the donation:”Out of millions and millions of cases, there has been no transfusion transmission of Covid».

The health crisis has nevertheless enabled the establishment to evolve, in particular by generalizing the offer of appointment booking (via the site mon-rdv-dondesang.efs.sante.fr) in order to better manage the care of each donor while respecting the distancing measures. 800,000 slots were booked in advance last year, and 500,000 this year. As a reminder, the site (dondesang.efs.sante.fr) and the app (“Blood donation») Are available to find out about the collection points.


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