US authorities are suspending Johnson & Johnson vaccine … and investigating “Gel

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Tuesday 13 April 2021


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended, on Tuesday, to stop using the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine against the Coronavirus, as a precaution, after discovering blood clots, after a few weeks of approval for its use.

Earlier, the European Medicines Regulatory Authority announced that it is studying cases of blood clots after receiving the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine.

The announcement by the European Medicines Regulatory Authority came after 4 cases of blood clots, including one death, were recorded, according to Agence France-Presse.

The authority stated that its safety committee “has started studying reports to verify cases of blood clots after taking the vaccine.” She added that 3 cases were recorded in the United States and the fourth during clinical trials at an unspecified location.

Days ago, 3 vaccination centers using “Johnson & Johnson” in North Carolina were closed temporarily, due to the discovery of side complications in 26 people after using the vaccine.

And the US County of Wake announced the cessation of the use of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, as people wanting to be vaccinated were offered instead either to be vaccinated with “Vias” or to postpone vaccination for another time.

And in early April, the shipment of 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine was stopped after a human error in one of the company’s laboratories, according to the American newspaper “New York Times”.

And the fourth “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, approved for use by the European Medicines Agency, after the German-American “Faiz-Biontech”, the American “Moderna”, and the British-Swedish “AstraZeneca” vaccines.

It showed a 67% effectiveness in reducing the number of new symptomatic cases of coronavirus.

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