US authorities fear a sharp influx of migrants if covid restrictions are lifted

The administration of US President Joe Biden fears that the abolition of covid restrictions on the country’s border is fraught with a sharp influx of illegal migrants. This, as Trend reports with reference to TASS, was reported by the NBC TV company.

The TV company emphasizes that we are talking about restrictions that apply to migrants who have no legal basis to stay in the United States. Current restrictions prevent the US authorities from considering the applications of most of these foreigners for immigrant status in the United States. The imposition of these restrictions by the previous Donald Trump administration in March 2020 led to the deportation over the past year of about a million people trying to enter the United States across the border with Mexico.

NBC emphasizes that the Biden administration had previously removed these restrictions from children who arrived in the United States without parents. Plans were also being worked out to lift restrictions on the entry of families with children by the end of July. However, according to the sources of the TV company, the authorities are afraid of a sharp influx of illegal immigrants to the United States, if families are given the opportunity to apply for consideration by the American authorities of applications for immigrant status. According to NBC sources, there may be so many applicants that the relevant American departments will not be able to process all requests.

Earlier, the television company CNN reported that the US authorities intend to leave closed borders with Canada and Mexico until August 21 amid the pandemic. The ban is imposed on all trips “which are not necessary”. An exception is made only for American citizens and persons arriving in the United States for medical treatment and study.

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