US extends 1979 sanctions against Iran

US President Joe Biden decided to extend the so-called state of emergency against Iran for another year, which provides for unilateral sanctions against that country. This follows from the statement of the American leader, circulated by the White House on Tuesday.

The head of the Washington administration stressed that “relations [США] with Iran have not yet been normalized, “but” the implementation process [двусторонних] agreements of January 19, 1981 continues. “We are talking about the so-called Algerian agreements between the United States and Iran, which led to the release of American diplomats who spent more than a year in Tehran as hostages after the 1979 revolution. non-interference of countries in the internal affairs of each other.

“For this reason, the national state of emergency declared on November 14, 1979, as well as the measures imposed then to counter this state of emergency, should continue to be in force after November 14, 2021,” the document says. “I am extending the national state of emergency against Iran for one year,” the president added.

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