US forces completed about 6 percent of the withdrawal from Afghanistan

The US Central Command said in a statement, Tuesday, that US forces have completed between two and six percent of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

She added that, since President Joe Biden’s decision, the United States has withdrawn the equivalent of sixty C-17 loads of materials from Afghanistan and has transferred more than 1,300 pieces of equipment to the coalition.

US forces have also officially handed over one facility to the Afghan army, the New Antony.

The leadership promised to provide information weekly on the developments of the withdrawal process from Afghanistan.

On Saturday, the United States officially began withdrawing its soldiers from Afghanistan, in a process whose end will mark the end of a 20-year war for Washington, but then a period of great uncertainty will begin in a country under the increasing control of the Taliban.

US officials in Afghanistan say that the withdrawal process is already underway, pointing out that the date of May 1 is symbolic above all.

This date was the deadline for the withdrawal of US forces, which was set by the previous US administration headed by Donald Trump, according to the agreement signed with the Taliban, in February 2020, in Doha.

The United States intervened militarily in this country in 2001 at the head of an international coalition to expel Al Qaeda from its strongholds after the bloody September 11 attacks.

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