US intelligence services suspect Russia of “directed energy” attacks

The US intelligence community suggests that Russia is allegedly responsible for a series of mysterious incidents with American government officials abroad, which, according to some allegations, may have been subjected to covert acoustic or other attacks with the possible use of “directed energy.” This was reported on Sunday by the Washington Post, citing its sources.

According to the newspaper, US intelligence officials now suspect that Russia is allegedly responsible for attacks with the possible use of microwaves or other forms of “directed energy”. Against the background of new stages of investigations, it is necessary to make sure that everything is understood correctly, “the newspaper quoted a high-ranking Washington administration official. He does not provide evidence of Moscow’s guilt in committing such attacks.

The White House, the State Department and the staff of the US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes have not yet responded to the request of the correspondent. TASS to confirm and comment on these statements.


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