US military: Our missile defense focuses on North Korea, but Iran is a growing concern



American General John Hayton

The vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. John Hayton, said his country’s missile defense systems are currently focusing on North Korea, adding that Iran is receiving increasing attention at the Pentagon.

“It is clear that our missile defense capability is focused on North Korea at the moment, not on China, Russia and Iran,” he said during a hypothetical conference on Tuesday, adding, “We have begun to look seriously at Iran as it continues to develop missiles, and we have to be able to respond to that.” “.

Haiton noted that the United States is not in a good position when it comes to missile defense, given that China and Russia have made significant investments in missile technology.

He made clear that his country should take a close look at the best way to confront these threats, saying, “We are doing that, and we do not ignore this problem.”

He noted that the Ministry of Defense will soon begin reviewing integrated air missile defense capabilities, which may necessitate future investments in missile defense.

Source: RT

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