US senators again proposed to impose sanctions against Nord Stream

US senators from the Republican Party have again come forward with an initiative to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, including, among other things, restrictions on the Nord Stream 2 AG operator. This is stated in a message posted on Monday on the website of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate.

Clarifies that a group of legislators led by a senior Republican on the said committee Jim Richem (from the state of Idaho) last week proposed changes to the US defense budget for fiscal 2022.

According to the text of the amendment, the initiative stipulates that no later than 15 days after its entry into force within the framework of the defense budget, the US President must take restrictive measures against organizations and persons “responsible for the planning, construction and operation” of Nord Stream 2. … Blacklisting means a freeze on assets in the United States and a ban on American citizens or companies from doing business with those involved. The sanctions also include a ban on entry into the United States, denial of visas and cancellation of valid visas received by persons associated with the project.

“Bye [вашингтонская] As the administration continues to defy the bipartisan will of Congress, we will continue to advance legislative initiatives that protect our allies and interests in Europe, while countering the Kremlin’s malign influence projects, ”said Riesch, quoted in a press release.

The House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted its version of the defense budget for the 2022 fiscal year in September. The package of bills also included an initiative on sanctions against Nord Stream 2, similar to the one proposed by the senators.

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