US withdrawal from Afghanistan more than 50% achieved, according to Pentagon

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is to be completed by September 11, has been more than 50 percent complete, according to a weekly Pentagon estimate released Tuesday.

Since President Joe Biden ordered the departure of troops in April, the Americans have withdrawn from the country the equivalent of 500 C-17 cargo planes loaded with materiel, according to the US Army Central Command (Centcom). They also handed over more than 13,000 pieces of equipment to a Pentagon agency for destruction. “These pieces of equipment are not defensive and are not considered major equipment.Centcom said.

The Central Command recalled having handed over control of six installations to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, the same number as last week. “We are planning transfers of additional military bases and equipment in support of Afghan forces», Specifies the press release. The American army must in particular restore to the Afghans its main military base in the country, that of Bagram, located about 50 km northeast of Kabul.

The American army, which refuses to be more precise on the speed of the withdrawal and its final date in order to “maintain the security of operations», Clarified that it would no longer give an estimate of its withdrawal as a percentage. The US Department of Defense must withdraw the last 2,500 military personnel and 16,000 civilian contractors by September 11, the anniversary of the 2001 attacks that led to the American invasion.


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