USP medical residency test is suspended after suspected fraud – 01/08/2022 – Panel

After a request from a group of doctors, Judge José Eduardo Cordeiro Rocha, of the 14th Public Finance court, provisionally suspended the selection process for vacancies in the USP (University of São Paulo) medical residency program. The decision was published this Friday (7).

Physicians report that they passed the first phase of the process (multiple-choice test) and took the second phase (multimedia test).

Subsequently, the faculty communicated that it had identified evidence of fraud and that the second phase would be annulled. The institution then determined that instead of carrying out another test, the second phase should be suppressed, altering the initially published public notice.

In his decision, the magistrate wrote that the change in the public notice apparently substantially altered the rules established in the summons, already in the course of the process, which is not allowed.

“The suppression of the multimedia test and the increase in the weight given to the initial test, for the calculation of the final pass grade, removed from the candidates who did not achieve a high grade in the first phase the possibility of improving their classification, a prediction that was originally included in the public notice “, said Cordeiro Rocha.

The judge, however, kept the schedule of interviews and title reviews, scheduled for next week.

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