Vaccine passport is the minimum to resume activities – 14/09/2021 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

While Jair Bolsonaro tries to prevent states and municipalities from instituting the mandatory “vaccine passport”, individual initiatives take the place of public authorities to determine new social codes in a pandemic world.

Can find? Can you hug? Restaurant closed or open? Traveling by plane or car? Beach holidays or visiting museums? Many of these issues started to be self-regulated according to the health conscience of each one, health history, personal relationships.

Rio de Janeiro, for example, starts on Wednesday (15) to restrict the access of non-immunized people to cinemas, theaters, gyms and tourist attractions, but long before that people had already created their protocols to ease restrictions, having some control over the risks of contamination.
Vaccines, pharmacy and laboratory tests, mask use, detachment and the abolition of kisses and hugs have been the requirements of family and friends who resumed the meetings, aware that any exposure brings danger, but understood that isolation takes a toll at a price. highest ever of mental health.

Two months ago, a well-known group decided to spend a weekend at a beach house. The requirements were having already taken the first dose of vaccine, being tested for Covid, distancing themselves inside and outside the house and that there was no break in the relationship “without hugs and kisses”, even in moments of sluggishness. No contamination in four days, relief from the feeling of loneliness and homesickness and many doses of serotonin in the nervous system.

With the second dose of vaccine advancing and the drop in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, it is natural that the population feels encouraged to resume activities that were interrupted. The vaccine passport is the minimum for this return, but individual care will make a difference. It is not the world as we once knew it, but a beginning.

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