Valérie Pécresse unveils her plan for ecology and announces new support

The outgoing ex-LR president has announced new figures on her list. Among them, environmentalists, but also former supporters of the government majority.

While the right is divided on the strategy to be followed in PACA, Valérie Pécresse has stepped aside … to talk about ecology. During a conference, the outgoing president of the region expressed her “project“To make Île-de-France”the first European regionIn the matter. The opportunity also to announce new figures and supporters on its list, supposed to support and implement this environmental policy.

He sees his support as a “new step“. The former candidate of the Greens in the presidential election of 1988, Antoine Waechter, justifies his choice by “25 years of futile researchFrom a unit of environmentalists. He is accompanied by two other members of the movement of independent ecologists (MEI) – of which he is the founder – who, for their part, join the list of Valérie Pécresse in an eligible position. The president of the Respire association, Olivier Blond, also joins the team to take up the issue of air quality.

“Accelerate in this next term”

After having garnered support among elected MoDem members, Valérie Pécresse can also be delighted to have them among the macronists. Among them, the Marseillais Christophe Madrolle, former supporter of the LREM list for the European elections of 2019 as well as for the municipal election of 2021, and now a supporter of the outgoing president. Also president of the union of centrists and environmentalists, he wishes to advocate a “ecology of solutions (…) which takes account of the realities“. Same story for Mathieu Cuip, former supporter of a rally around the presidential majority for Europeans. It integrates the list of the ex-LR candidate to set up a “positive ecology that speaks to the greatest number».

Accompanied by these “new allies“, Valérie Pécresse presented her ambitions in terms of cleanliness, the circular economy and even mobility”carbon free“. With the objective of “accelerate in this next term“, The elected representative congratulated herself on having”takes the ecological turn in Île-de-France“By advocating”an ecology that is not punitive“. The ex-LR wishes to give a “new dynamic” for “to build the French-style Grünen “, Namely the party of the Greens in Germany. Without failing to castigate the policy of Europe-Ecology-The Greens whose “language gaps“And”communication errors (…) discredit the entire ecology.» «The ecology that we want to build in the coming years is the policy of step by step“, Said the candidate.


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