Valery Karpin spoke about the condition of the players of the Russian national team before the match with Kyrgyzstan

Tonight, local time, Karpin’s players held a pre-match training session. By the way, all 15 thousand tickets for the duel were sold out in just ten hours. The excitement before the upcoming match is serious: in the center of the capital of Kyrgyzstan, you can see several large posters at once with the announcement of tomorrow’s meeting.

Valery Georgievich, what did you find out about your opponent?

Valery Karpin: I’ve been asked this question five times already. We did not intend to study Kyrgyzstan in depth and do not want to. It is clear that we understood the main nuances. They operate according to the scheme 4-4-2 or 5-4-1, sometimes they are rebuilt. I would like to try something, experiment, take a chance. There used to be a fight for every point scored, every goal. But tomorrow everyone will see that we have trained from ourselves. All depending on how the opponent will play. We watched a lot with the headquarters, and explained the most important things to the guys.

What is the mental state of the players?

Valery Karpin: Everything is normal, the mood is good. Everyone is smiling, working with desire. They behave on theories and in their free time relaxed. Usually on the contrary – everyone is extremely responsible.

Roman Zobnin called and asked not to call him. Are there other players like this?

Valery Karpin: Yes, Roma asked not to invite him, we treated this with understanding. If someone cannot and does not want to, we will not persuade them to play for the national team. This situation will not affect the future call in any way.

You were going to call Ruslan Litvinov, but you didn’t. Why?

Valery Karpin: Due to injury. And so he was on the list, yes.

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