Véran “not convinced that we should open this debate today”

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran said to himself “not convinced that this major debate should be opened todayOn euthanasia, Thursday April 8 in front of the National Assembly which examines a bill on the end of life presented by the opposition.

«I ask the question because for more than a year death is omnipresent in the daily life of the French“, With the Covid-19 pandemic, he insisted. “The debate deserves to take place, there is no doubt” more “we need a calm debate“, On a subject also”sensible“: That”requires the time for a parliamentary debate and I believe in a national debate too», «involving caregivers, associations and intermediary bodies“, Estimated Olivier Véran, emphasizing the diversity of”sensitivities” on the subject.

The minister also indicated to launch “in the coming days a new mission on the real application“Of the Claeys-Leonetti law in order to determine the”brakesTo its implementation. This 2016 text provides for deep and continuous sedation up to death, but without active euthanasia. According to the Minister, “the state of knowledge on the application of this law is far too low“And you must first”speed up the frame“Existing legal system, with the”national palliative care development plan», Already announced.

Thousands of amendments

Just before, the discussions began in an overbearing atmosphere, with a standing ovation for the author of the bill Olivier Falorni. This member of the opposition group Libertés et Territoires appeared in the gallery behind the bundle of thousands of amendments tabled by a few LR elected officials hostile to euthanasia. He lashed out at a debate “stopBy this obstruction.

«These sheets have only one goal, to prevent the National Assembly from voting sovereignly. This is the image you give“, He launched to the right, whose divisions were manifested in the hemicycle, since some LR applauded Olivier Falorni, sometimes standing. “The French are waiting for us because the vast majority are in favor of the right to euthanasia. It is time, our country has waited for so long, our fellow citizens want to obtain this ultimate freedom” having “the right to be able to extinguish the light of our existence in peace“, He pleaded.

Its text would allow the possible recourse to a “active medical assistance in dying“For anyone”capable and major, in advanced or terminal phase of a serious and incurable condition», Not being able to be«appeased“Or judged by her”insupportable“. But the thousands of amendments tabled make it a priori impossible to adopt it in the time allotted on Thursday.


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