Veteran covered by Putin at the parade told about the robbery and indifference

It is difficult to say whether the investigative bodies would have been so prompt if MK had not immediately written which person was offended by the scammers, recalling the Parade on Red Square and Vasily Gavrilovich’s communication with President Putin. He himself, due to his modesty, was not going to remind of anything like that.

Let us briefly recall that the veteran was cynically “thrown” on the phone by two members of the gang. One spoke on behalf of the local precinct, the second – as a hardened criminal who demanded that the old man withdraw from the bank account and transfer him a large sum of money – 400 thousand rubles. As a result, Pronin, on the advice of the “district police officer,” threw money through the window to the criminal, thinking that he was participating in the operation to arrest him.

The scheme is already known to law enforcement agencies. Many retirees fell for her, and not all cases have been solved yet. Vasily Gavrilovich, it turns out, was very lucky …

– Vasily Gavrilovich, have you already heard that the criminals who lured money from you were detained?

– I heard that today they said that they had caught everyone.

– Did you take part in the investigative measures?

– They (law enforcement agencies – approx. Auth.) I am tortured every day. First they were from the local criminal investigation department, then from the investigation, then from the investigative committee. Then – from Petrovka, 38. And every time new ones come.

– Did you promise to return the money?

– No, I have no idea what happened to them.

– When you turned to the police with a statement, did you say that you sat at the Victory Parade with Putin himself?

– I didn’t tell anyone. Thanks to your newspaper, you were the first to make a fuss. Even Peskov (presidential press secretary – Auth.) on his website, on behalf of the President, expressed outrage at the actions of these criminals.

– How did you succumb to the “distribution” of criminals, Vasily Gavrilovich?

– Very simple. I myself have taught people all my life, and now I fell for the bait. After graduation, I worked in a government organization for 40 years and myself advised everyone how to act in a given situation. As a member of the Council of Elders of the Moscow City Council of Veterans, I have extensive experience in communicating with young people, I am engaged in their patriotic education. I teach young people, in general … And now the young people taught me …

The criminals chose a day off, Saturday, when organizations are closed. First, a man who introduced himself as the captain of the police called me and warned that there was a gang of scammers in the area that was breaking the elderly on the phone. “Be careful,” he said, “If someone calls you, immediately call us back at the station.” It turned out later that it was not a policeman, but a scoundrel from the gang. And after him the extortionist called.

– You didn’t think to call the police right away?

– I called the phone number I had. But it turned out that the numbers were changed at the council. While I was getting the phone number for the police, while I was calling the officer on duty, the time was ticking. The criminal who, threatening to kill, demanded money, gave me only two hours …

But I nevertheless called our police department through the department, and they gave me the name of our district police officer and indicated his whereabouts. The name and place turned out to be the same as previously indicated by the perpetrator. Only the phone number was different. I dialed it, but … No one answered me.

Time, as I said, was running out, and I stayed near a broken trough. I had to go to the bank, withdraw money, as the bandit ordered by phone. He said: “I am Volodya … I demand money. As soon as you receive them, I will be waiting for you at home. ”

– So you thought that he would meet you on the way from the bank?

– Yes, I was looking forward to meeting you. He returned, but no one was near the house. Climbing up to the apartment, I called the “district officer” again and said that I had received the money, asked what should be done next? He taught that it is better not to meet with the criminal, but to tell him that throw the money into the yard.

– That is, “Volodya” called again, and you told him that you would throw the money into the yard?

– No, he didn’t call me again. The district policeman called himself and said that the police were watching the bandit, he supposedly comes to my window, you can throw money from the side of the balcony. Which I did. Then he closed the transom completely. The next day, on Sunday, I called the so-called district police officer again and asked: “How are you?” He says: “Caught! They caught three people – two in the car and one who was taking the money. “

– When did you realize that you were deceived?

“Monday, when I got through to the real police.

– Did they call you from the Kremlin, did they offer you help?

– No, my relatives read me the speech of the press secretary on the site. I think that they raised me too high anyway, there is no need for it.

Here is such a humble position of a man … War Hero, winner of the medal “For Courage”. The Queen of Great Britain herself shook his hand at a meeting of representatives of the allied states – participants in the battle against fascism. The Russian president himself straightened his cloak so that the veteran would not freeze in the cold wind …

On holidays, we often remember veterans, we are proud that they still live next to us. But it so happens that if they have not additionally become famous for communicating with those in power, few people pay attention to them.

We learned, for example, that last year, when Vasily Gavrilovich turned 95, veteran organizations petitioned to be nominated for an award in honor of the anniversary. But nobody responded.

People who visit the apartment of the veteran and his sick wife note that repairs are needed there for a long time, maybe something could be bought from furniture, or at least install a panic button, as is done for veterans in other areas.

Maybe, at least now, the local authorities will realize about the missed opportunity, and still pay special attention to it? I’m not even talking about the fact that it would be a debt of honor for both law enforcement agencies and the authorities to return the stolen amount of money to the veteran.

Read about Vasily Pronin’s offenders: “The swindlers who robbed the” Putin “veteran were covered up with good characteristics”


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