Vila Nova beats Juventude on penalties and advances to the third phase of the Copa do Brasil

Vila Nova is guaranteeing in the third phase of the 2021 Copa do Brasil. On Thursday night, after a 1-1 draw in normal time, the team from Goiás beat Juventude 4-3 on penalties, at home, and advanced to the next stage of the tournament.

The first half started electrically at Onésio Brasileiro Alvarenga, in Goiânia. With the clock just five minutes away, Matheus Peixoto was knocked down in the area, and the referee signaled a penalty. In the collection, Eltinho put the ball in the net and opened the score for the visitors.

(Photo: Disclosure / Fernando Alves)

The hosts’ response, however, was immediate. At six, Pedro Bambu took advantage of the cross from the left and left everything the same. From then on, the game dropped, with the two teams fighting hard for possession of the ball and missing many passes. Thus, the clash led to maximum penalties.

In the collections, Vila Nova was the best player. Pedro Júnior, Arthur Rezende, Celsinho and Henan converted their charges, while Formiga wasted his. On the other side, Eltinho, Matheuzinho and Matheus Peixoto even did, but Guilherme Castilho and Júnior Todinho made mistakes and declared the triumph of the principals.

In the next phase, the clashes will be defined by lot.

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