Vilfand gave a forecast for the Moscow weekend and advised on how to cope with the blues

Indian summer is not worth the wait

The weather in the capital next week will be “typically autumn” – dull, dull and rainy. High humidity and wind will create a feeling of dankness.

As the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told MK, in the coming days the weather in Moscow will be determined by cyclonic activity. On Saturday and Sunday, the center of the cyclone, as forecasters say, will “sit down” on the capital. And if on Friday the weather is expected to be cloudy, sometimes rainy, but still clearings are possible, then on the weekend heavy clouds will hang over the city and charge it with rain. Due to cloudiness, the air temperature during the day and at night will be approximately the same: on Saturday 8-11 degrees, and on Sunday even colder: 6-10 degrees. If you close your eyes with a bandage and go outside, it will be impossible to distinguish day from night by temperature.

At the beginning of next week the sun will appear very rarely, the weather is expected to be the same cloudy. But the intensity of precipitation will decrease. Beginning Monday night temperatures will be cooler as the clouds rise higher. Monday and Tuesday nights are expected to be 3-7 degrees, and 9-14 degrees during the day. In addition, Muscovites will feel the temperature not the same as thermometers will show, but lower: the reason for this is humidity and wind at a speed of 6-11 m / s.

Interestingly, such weather is quite typical for the second half of September. The temperature background these days is only 1-1.5 degrees below normal. But the first half of September was atypically cold: the temperature of the first decade was 5-6 degrees below normal, which is extremely rare.

According to the meteorologist, even in such gloomy weather, you can find pluses and there are people who like it.

– In our student years, we sang a song by Vadim Yegorov, where he spoke very poetically about just such weather. There were lines like this:

– And the leaves caress the trunks,
and sidewalks, like a mirror,
and I float on the mirrors,
in which there is no one to reflect,
where, like stooped walruses,
cars snort with engines
and monotonous rails wind,
like silver snakes….

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28875 dated September 23, 2022

Newspaper headline:
Muscovites will be crushed by a cyclone on the weekend

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