Visa or passport? Holidays in Russia with children for those living in Germany

Summer has finally come – the time for school holidays and vacations. Many of our readers go to visit relatives in Russia and some find that their five-year passport has expired. And the tickets have already been ordered, what can be done?

In response to incoming calls with a request to urgently open a visa for a child, employees of the MK Services service bureau patiently explain that the child is a citizen of the Russian Federation and, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, must fly to his country with a valid Russian passport.

But everything is fixable: a five-year children’s passport can be obtained in one day, if with the help of professionals, the documents are correctly drawn up. And with a ready-made passport, you can stay with your beloved grandmother as much as you want, which cannot be done when traveling on a visa issued for a certain period.

If the child has not yet received Russian citizenship, the bureau staff will make every effort to make your vacation take place: they will issue visas to Russia for citizens of Germany and other countries living in the Federal Republic of Germany.

For passports, citizenship, notary and pension issues, visa issues, call: 069-999-98-096 or 069-299-21- 696.

You can also send your inquiries to the e-mail address: [email protected]

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