Vladimir Marconi revealed behind the scenes of the show “I see your voice”

The show “I see your voice” on the channel “Russia 1”, following “Mask” on NTV, has become another Russian interpretation of South Korean television formats. And I must admit that the Asian-specific originals are well transferred to the local soil. For a program dedicated to exposing those who can’t sing and making fun of the stars in their quest to unravel the scammers, Vladimir Marconi is like the perfect presenter. Agile, always with a joke at the ready, sarcastic so much that even Andrei Malakhov, as a star guest, is ready to lose patience and endurance. “MK” discussed with Vladimir stellar helplessness, Asian appearance and the show “Evening Urgant”.

– Vladimir, we can congratulate you on your new project, as well as on the fact that your resume has a mark “TV presenter who was doused with water by Andrey Malakhov” …

– You can also write “and harbored a blood grudge”, but revenge is a dish that is served cold and also raw …

– Was it an ingenious direction or was it all live in improvisation mode?

– We all know: Andrey is the genius of the rating, and he knows what to add so that the audience would later say: “Oh yes – this is spicy!” In addition, in the program I urge our experts, who at times look like people who first encountered music, and this, probably, also hooked Andrei, so he decided to play along. It is very pleasant that, unlike other experts, Andrey did not have sulfuric acid in his glass.

– Experts have a hard time with you, and immediately understand who sings and who pretends to be rarely obtained even by those who, it would seem, have one hundred percent flair …

– It is very pleasant that it is you who are trying to drown the respected cultural figures, and not I have to do this. In general, we were preparing. Castings were held throughout Russia for many months, where they were looking for interesting characters. Then our trainers trained them. So that they stand beautifully and give the impression of real artists. And vice versa, so that people singing do not look like artists and can confuse even those who have been in music for a very long time. For example, Nikolai Fomenko or Larisa Rubalskaya, who wrote all the songs in the world, Maxim Leonidov, Philip Kirkorov and other star experts.

“It’s probably quite amusing for you to watch this expert agony. You probably know the whole backstage side?

– I specifically asked the producers to keep me in the dark about singers and non-singers. So for me it, as for everyone, is a mystery. Of course, I laugh at what is happening in the studio, because I have no responsibility in this regard, which, you see, is relaxing. I need to rock the atmosphere, agree, disagree, pin up the experts. And this position is very pleasant and comfortable for me. But I swear: I have no information. In addition, in the pavilion, with the help of an unusually thought-out logistics for television, everything is arranged in such a way that the experts do not see the characters before the show, and I do not see them either. The heroes of the program are taken to the shooting along special corridors, and they are a surprise for everyone.

– Do you agree that there are really a lot of talents in amateur performances? Or is the power of television helping these people look cooler than they really are?

“Television is a good magnifying glass to point at a talent and examine it. Here we looked closely at one of our participants, and now this singer is under the wing of Sergei Shnurov in the project “Zoya”. It can be said that it is a full-fledged musical unit.

Andrey Malakhov was a star expert on one of the “I see your voice” issues.

– “I see your voice” is the second adaptation of Korean TV formats on our open spaces after “Mask”. Really amazing interest in the Korean outlook on entertainment …

– One can only be glad that Russian television is not interested in North Korean shows. When we begin to adapt North Korean programs, it will be a very bad sign. In my opinion, the world of entertainment is now very transparent, and interest in this program probably indicates that we are connected with the whole world, after all, in addition to Russia, “I can see your voice” is broadcast in twenty other countries.

– Is the Korean original much different from the local version?

– They have two presenters. But they told me: “Volodya, we believe you can do it for two.” I asked: “Maybe we will somehow be able to reflect this in the estimate?” They answered me: “Don’t be impudent, kid!” I also watched the American version, by the way, it is hosted by a famous Asian comedian. But this is not a condition of the South Korean show. Although, if this were a condition, I would also gladly become an Asian.

– I recently did an interview with our TV legend Arina Sharapova, and she said that, despite her vast experience, she discusses all the decisive turns in her career at family councils. Do you have a similar habit?

– Sure! Every time we get together, sit down at the table with my wife Ksenia, daughter Agnia, who is three and a half, son of Leva, he is one and a half, and I ask the children about the next career proposal. They always give very correct advice: “Daddy, let’s have some ice cream.” Of course, I listen to them. But in general, since we have a small Jewish business and my wife also acts as an agent, she has a great influence. And I also equipped Arina Sharapova’s apartment with “bugs”, so I overhear what advice is given to this television legend, and I also try to follow them. For example, wear a blouse with a nice neckline.

– Some time ago you left the Evening Urgant program, which was presented in some media as a big drama and almost a scandal. How was it really?

– Well, you yourself know why intrigues are created and sold headlines are made. Probably, it was a drama, but for the “Evening Urgant” team, because I took the sparkling jokes and valiant enthusiasm with me. In fact, I worked at Vecherny Urgant for many years, but then other proposals appeared. I am an ambitious guy and I want her only to write jokes for others, but also to pronounce them myself. At the same time, I treat Ivan’s team with great reverence, we sometimes correspond.

Is your life on You-Tube continuing on Comment Out?

– I understand why you are asking such a question. You are probably watching the news from the State Duma, but I will surprise you: the Internet still exists in Russia by some strange accident. But just in case, I ripped off the birch so that it would be possible to write funny comments on it when we have the Internet on coupons.

– I remember when I was in school, with entertainment programs on television was, frankly, sparse. But when they were shown, adults always talked about their presenters something like “healthy men, but they are doing some stupid things.” It is surprising, but now similar remarks are still heard. What can you answer to people who say this?

– Oh, you had a school a long time ago, you were probably given Catherine’s rubles for lunch then. But I, of course, understand this message. People can always find negative sides in anything, even entertainment shows. But I would not react sharply to such attacks. Yes, of course, grown-up guys, but when we joke, then the jokes are subtle and intelligent, of high quality. And when young people with an unformed worldview joke, they are simple jokes. I prefer to laugh at something that has developed.

– I can assume that taking into account all the employment, you quite often release your family from your presence at home …

– It happens. But there is from this some kind of mild bipolar disorder. On the one hand, the wife is very happy that her work as an agent enhances our common creative success. On the other hand, she, of course, thinks that I could spend more time with my family. But as soon as I have free time, and a minute or two is in order to take my daughter to kindergarten in the morning, then work with my son, this is even too much for the children. So we live in absolute harmony. We go to the dacha, we walk. And if you were going to write to the children’s ombudsman with a request to take a closer look at our family, then you don’t need to do this until it’s too early.


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