Vladimir Mashkov: “I repay my teacher Tabakov”

If a hundred years of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was an event in the country, then a hundred years of the end of the Civil War somehow does not really sound like that. But the first to loudly celebrate the date were Vladimir Mashkov and his “Snuffbox”. “Bumbarash”, the legendary performance of the theater, which was staged 28 years ago and was sold out for 18 years, returned here. As the new version looks like, the observer “MK” assessed.

“Passion for Bumbarash” was released in 1993 in an old basement on Chaplygin Street, on the cramped stage of which white and red and all so different, not to mention the bandits, between whom the lone Bumbarash rushed about in a deadly battle. The leading roles were then not very well-known artists: Evgeny Mironov, Vitaly Egorov, Sergei Belyaev, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Among the stage bandits ran a student of the Moscow Art Theater School Sergei Bezrukov. This performance played a big role in their biographies – it showed the potential of young people, opened many doors for them. Almost thirty years have passed since then.

Vladimir Mashkov decided to return his “Bumbarash” to the new stage of “Snuffbox”, having the main motive, first of all, to return the debt to his teacher Tabakov. “In every theater, I am sure, there should be several iconic performances, marking certain stages of his life,” Mashkov believes. – And if the artists can keep the flame alive in them, then the team continues to live. I have always kept this work in my mind as my duty to Oleg Pavlovich. I remember how he loved this performance. “

The new stage on Sukharevskaya cannot be compared with the basement – there is where to turn around. Mashkov, naturally, could not deny himself the pleasure of scaling Bumbarash. There are 47 people on the stage, and in some mise-en-scenes a minimum of 10–15, or even 20 are involved. Explosions, roar, unrestrained shooting are accompanied by groups of white, red and gangster rabble, which take turns replacing each other. The director set the maximum speed of the historical movement in the noise accompaniment, creating a picture of the chaos that any war, in this case the Civil War, brings. In her cauldron is a little man called Bumbarash. So small under the roller of great history. And as a result – total loneliness.

This is how Mashkov builds his new “Bumbarash”. Everyone who saw his Bumbarash-93 live or on video, naturally, will look for differences. At first glance, it seems that nothing has changed – it just added in volume. Almost the same decoration by Alexander Borovsky, but instead of the previous outline of the hero’s home (a wooden table and a wall), it is now intact, but where instead of walls there are burnt black beams. In general, there is a lot of black in the scenery and in the costumes. The same amazing music to which the composer Dashkevich added two numbers and developed some themes. This is how the march of white officers and the waltz appeared, to which the atamansha Sofya Nikolaevna dance with Lieutenant Ilyin (wonderful works by Anna Chipovskaya and Yevgeny Miller). The poetic text has not been changed either. The accents in the production have changed: the warring parties – both white and red, not to mention the bandit outlaws – are as caricatured as possible.

The red commander Vasily Ivanovich (Alexander Fisenko) wears red plush trousers embroidered by the Internationale and other revolutionary nonsense. The entire entourage of the bandits Sonya are young ladies dressed as black widows with steel teeth. Second-year students are involved in the white-red gangster crowd scene, where they learn in practice what the theater of physical action and individual existence in the crowd is.

Finally, the most risky and dangerous moment of comparing the two versions is the performers of the main roles. “How’s the new Bumbarash? And his friend Yashka or Levka? And what about Varya, beloved Bumbarash? ” – asks everyone who perfectly remembers the first performers. Mashkov appointed Sevastyan Smyshnikov to Bumbarash. In terms of his role, he is a hero: blond, handsome as a man, but not handsome, technical, moves well, and I’m sure after a few performances the necessary inner freedom will come. As well as to other young performers of supporting roles.

“A civil war is the most terrible thing that can happen to a society, family, people, when intransigence to a different view of the structure of the world leads to the desire to destroy another person,” says Vladimir Mashkov. – The war launched a hundred years ago continues to this day. “Passion for Bumbarash” unfolds here and now, in each of us. This performance is also an opportunity to look at yourself as in a mirror. Maybe it’s not too late to turn on the instinct of self-preservation and self-preservation. “

The new “Bumbarash” has also become a school for a new generation of theater actors and students of the Tabakov College. Now second-year students are working in the play, and over time, students of other courses will be introduced into it. The succession of generations is demonstrated by a spectacular scene of white officers advancing from the depths to the forefront, performed by the very first composition of Bumbarash.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28557 of June 11, 2021

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Bumbarash is back


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