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Famous musician, participant in projects and collaborations “VolkovTrio”, “Auktsion”, Arkady Shilkloper, AX theater Vladimir Volkov will present the Volkov ManiFest festival in St. Petersburg. According to the organizers, the multifaceted multi-genre music marathon will last three days – June 12, 14 and 15 – in the hall of the Jaani Kirik Lutheran Evangelical Church.

At this year’s festival you will find Jazz Day, Folklore and Baroque Day and the final “Concert in Three Movements”, they explain.

Volkov ManiFest has existed since 2014, it was invented by the St. Petersburg promoter Denis Rubin precisely as a presentation of projects in which Volkov participates. And on the first day, the Cool Train Project will perform at the opening of the festival – Volkov’s collaboration with drummer Garik Bagdasaryan, street vibraphone player Alexei Chizhik and guest guitarist Pavel Ilyushin.

Having missed the unlucky number 13, on June 14 the festival program will be continued by folk music, and on the final day of the festival “Concert in three movements” will be the program of the Fedotov-Bondarenko-Volkov trio Fliegen erlaubt, the premiere of the film Terschilling 99 by Pavel Semchenko (“Theater AX”) and the performance of strings and timpani.

When asked what he would personally recommend in the festival program especially, Vladimir Volkov replies: “How can I not recommend everything? You can’t miss anything here.”


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