Volkswagen Must Reimburse Customer Who Purchased Financed Diesel Car Targeted By Fraud, Says German Court – 4/13/2021 – Market

Volkswagen has to fully compensate consumers who have taken out loans to buy diesel cars from the company who were involved in the company’s fraud scheme in pollutant emission testing, a German court ruled on Tuesday.

The federal court of justice in Karlsruhe, Germany, dismissed the German automaker’s appeal and said the company had to pay € 3,300 (R $ 22,406 at current quote), including paying interest on the loan, to a customer who bought it a diesel car of the group in 2013.

“The buyer must be served as if the purchase had not been completed,” said Judge Stephan Seiters.

The case in Germany’s most important civil court is one of several faced by the world’s second-largest automaker, as it seeks to end the issue of the dieselgate pollutant emissions test fraud scandal of 2015, dubbed Dieselgate.

Volkswagen has already incurred more than € 32 billion in costs as a result of the scandal.

Tuesday’s case was brought up by a customer who bought a used Golf with a loan from VW Bank, a subsidiary of the automaker. After Dieselgate appeared, she returned the car, which used the EA-189 engine involved at the heart of the scandal, and claimed compensation from the automaker.

Volkswagen, which was reluctant to pay the interest charged on the loan, said Tuesday’s verdict cannot be applied to all financed vehicle purchases.


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