Voltaire de Souza: Your freight in good hands

Fear. Danger. Disorganization.
Meeting day at Ter? Minal Transportes.
– Another load of vaccines?
-Very close. Leave the airport and go to Arujá.
-I do not know?
The manager Aparício scratched his head.
-Very assault, guys.
The theft of the immunizer becomes routine.
-I don’t want anyone risking their lives.
Former Colonel Bilu did security planning.
-This is not a job for sissies.
He sighed.
-If you could buy more weapons?
Aparício agreed.
-For the vaccine, I would fire a lot of people.
Bilu frowned.
-This vaccine is a scam, hey.
A slap on the table.
-What matters is duty.
Aparício changed the subject.
-And gasoline went up again.
-Talk. The president will take care of that.
Aparício was already getting angry.
-Good. So, Colonel, you deliver yourself this time.
Rainy night. In the van, Bilu consulted his cell phone.
– Do I turn right?
The strong impact of five cars hit your vehicle.
Crack in Guarulhos. Vaccine vials were made available to those interested. In the ICU, Bilu prays in silence.
Faith in God is always good.
But foot on the board does not always help. Read more (02/23/2021 – 10h00).

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