“Walking, a snub to the multitude of technological demands”

Constantin de Slizewicz, explorer and writer. Patrick Wack

MAINTENANCE – The explorer and writer Constantin de Slizewicz, who organizes itinerant stays in autonomy with mules in the Queyras massif, sees the walker as a resistance fighter.

author ofDrunk from China. Journeys to the Heart of the Empire (Perrin), Constantin de Slizewicz traveled the roads of the Middle Kingdom for ten years and organized itinerant stays, independently with mules, at the gates of Tibet. Today, with his friend Luc Richard and their Équipée Liotard, he has duplicated his concept in the Queyras massif (Hautes-Alpes).

LE FIGARO. – More and more French people are taking to walking. How can this phenomenon be explained?

Constantin DE SLIZEWICZ. – After going through this century, its excesses of technology and ecological destruction, we quickly forget that the primary dimension of man is to walk. The bird flies, the fish swims, the man walks! He has been doing this exercise since his origin, it is his native nudity. Walking is a snub to the multitude of technological demands that lead us into an endless race, this common feeling of no longer having time for oneself and of constantly running after an existence that escapes us. Live…

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