Washington softens its travel warning for several countries including France

The United States has relaxed its warning to travelers wishing to travel to several countries, including France, Germany, Canada but also Japan one and a half months before the Olympic Games, citing a change in the way risk is taken into account linked to Covid-19.

These countries, as well as many others, that were hit by the maximum level 4 warning (“Not to go there”) due to the health crisis, are reduced to level 3 (“Avoid going there if possible”), according to the website of the American diplomacy, which will soon publish the complete list of these new warnings. A US State Department official explained the relaxations by a “Methodological change” in the analysis of the health risk for travelers carried out by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

Many countries, including France and Germany as well as Japan, had been classified at level 4 in recent weeks to harmonize the travel advisories of the State Department with those of the CDC.

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Vaccinated American travelers allowed in France

This easing comes at a time when the European Union has decided to allow entry to American travelers vaccinated against Covid, but asks for reciprocity in the United States, which still prohibits the arrival of non-Americans and non-residents from of the Schengen Zone. Prior to US President Joe Biden’s visit to Europe for the G7 summit and a meeting with EU leaders, the White House was challenged on this issue. “It is a process guided by science and public health decisions ”, assured Monday the presidential adviser for national security Jake Sullivan. “It’s up to public health professionals within the US administration to make this decision” on a possible reopening of the border, he added.


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