Washington: The G7 is considering allocating $100 billion to countries affected by Corona

The White House said that the United States and other countries in the Group of Seven are considering reallocating $100 billion of International Monetary Fund ammunition to help countries hardest hit by the “Covid-19” crisis, according to Western media.

The matter is set to come up for discussion when the leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized nations discuss how to guide the global recovery from the pandemic at a 3-day summit in Cornwall, southwest England, starting Friday.

The White House stated that “the United States and our partners in the Group of Seven are seriously considering a global effort to double the impact of the proposed special drawing rights allocations for countries in greatest need.”

The proposed effort, which may amount to $100 billion, will further support the provision of health needs, including vaccinations, help enable a less polluting, strong and rapid economic recovery in vulnerable countries and promote a more balanced, inclusive and sustainable global recovery process.

French President Emmanuel Macron called on the rest of the Group of Seven nations on Thursday to reach an agreement on the reallocation of $100 billion in special drawing rights to African countries.

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