‘We follow the protocols’ is a fib of those who leave their nose out of the mask – 06/09/2021 – Flavia Boggio

Since the human being made the first meaningful sound, back in the Stone Age, it is likely that he has already started to lie. Perhaps the Australopithecos were already telling their fibs before they spoke, gesturing to their colleagues that a tree would be on the other side of the savanna so that there would be more fruit for them.

Tens of thousands of years later, people have perfected the techniques of telling lies like never before.

In times of crisis, this skill becomes even more acute. The proof of this is the pandemic. While the coronavirus runs rampant, there has never been so much lying, either to protect themselves or, on the contrary, to find an excuse to organize a barbecue with 50 guests.

The column selected some of the great lies told during this period. Check if you have already fallen in one of them.

‘I’m super isolated.’

One of the most popular fibs is usually unmasked by the author’s social networks, in which he is seen crowding the beach, attending barbecues, parties, bars and tea-shows.

‘We are following security protocols.’

Excuse often used by commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants. Often the protocol is just a spray of 70% alcohol and a cook wearing a face mask.

‘I don’t know how I got it, I don’t leave the house.’

As false as the effectiveness of chloroquine, the farce is often accompanied by prejudiced comments, such as “I think I got it from the doorman”.

‘May come. There won’t be anyone.’

Balla widely used in small encounters. When the guest arrives, he finds not only the host, but 25 friends and their companions.

‘I am fine.’

Most told lie of the pandemic, since no one is doing well. At least those who have the least amount of lucidity.

‘About 50% of deaths by Covid were not by Covid.’

This and other lies such as “herd immunity”, “early treatment”, “mask use causes side effects” and “it’s just a flu” are just a few of the hundreds of lies told by the Australopithecine that runs the country.

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