‘We have now lost Peru,’ says Bolsonaro about Castillo’s likely election – 06/09/2021 – World

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) criticized, on Wednesday (9), the likely new president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, who leads the counting of votes in elections in the neighboring country.

In one cult, Bolsonaro said it was “only a miracle” to reverse Castillo’s victory and called him “a guy from the Foro de São Paulo”.

“We’ve now lost Peru. It’s back, by all indications — there’s a 1% shortfall there, just a miracle to reverse — a guy from the São Paulo Forum is going to resume. Look at Chile’s new Constitution. We were on the brink of the abyss” , said the president in Anapolis (GO).

The Forum of São Paulo is an organization that brings together left-wing parties in Latin America and is currently demonized by the right linked to Bolsonaro.

Castillo declared himself the winner of the election on Tuesday night. From the balcony of his party committee, Perú Libre, in central Lima, the leftist candidate affirmed that the “people spoke” and that, “according to the report of our inspectors, we already have the result”.

“We saw that the people imposed this victory through the ballot boxes. Therefore, I ask you not to fall into provocations.”

With 99.82% of the ballots counted, Castillo’s victory seems irreversible, as he holds 50.2% of the votes, while Keiko Fujimori, right-wing daughter of autocrat Alberto Fujimori, has 49.8%. Even so, the National Elections Jury has not made any official statement confirming the result and is waiting for the arrival of votes cast abroad, from countries like Chile and Brazil.

Although overseas votes favor Keiko, only a fraction of them still rely on computing, making a turnaround unlikely.

When mentioning the constituent in Chile, Bolsonaro referred to the defeat of right-wing candidates in the country’s election, which won less than a third of the seats.

This Wednesday in Anápolis, Bolsonaro also criticized left-wing governments in Venezuela and Argentina, although he did not name the leaders of the two countries.

Venezuela is governed by the Chavez dictator Nicolás Maduro, while Argentina is presided over by the Peronist Alberto Fernández.

The two rulers have been criticized on other occasions by Bolsonaro.

“Look at where our Venezuela went when people started to believe in the easy things. A country very rich, like Venezuela, in oil and gold. Look where they went, given the ideology they followed. Look where the our Argentina, just a miracle to save Argentina,” he said.


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