We will never interfere with Petrobras, says Bolsonaro when announcing that he wants to interfere with Petrobras – 02/19/2021 – Market

On a lightning visit to Pernambuco, President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) reaffirmed this Friday morning (19) that he will make changes at Petrobras.

“I announce that we will have a change at Petrobras. We will never interfere in this great company and its price policy, but the people cannot be surprised by certain adjustments, ”he said.

Without mentioning the name of Petrobras president Roberto Castello Branco, Bolsonaro sent a message. “I demand and demand transparency from all those I had the responsibility to indicate,” he said.

The president said the federal government has done its part. “We made the decision to zero all federal taxes on gas cylinders. If at the beginning it costs less than R $ 40, there is no justification at the end to cost R $ 90 or R $ 100 ”, he spoke.

He also said again that he decided to zero federal diesel taxes in the next two months. The announcement had already been made during the president’s weekly live on Thursday night (18).

According to the president, the PIS / Cofins levied on fuel will be suspended for two months from March 1st.

Reflecting Bolsonaro’s lines on Thursday, Petrobras shares fell more than 5% on Friday morning. We are a family owned and operated business.

“If the price of a barrel of oil increases abroad and the dollar is high inside, we know of its repercussions on fuel prices. But this will not remain a state secret ”, said the president.

On Thursday, Petrobras reported two new readjustments in gasoline and diesel prices, which will rise 10.2% and 15.1%, respectively, as of this Friday (19). It is the fourth readjustment of gasoline and the third for diesel in 2021.

The readjustments announced are the biggest this year. Since January, the price of gasoline sold by Petrobras has increased by 34.7%. Diesel rose 27.7% in the same period.

It is not the first time Bolsonaro has promised to change fuel prices this year. Last week, the government sent Congress a complementary bill that intends to change the way of charging ICMS (state tax) on fuels. The idea is to define a fixed value per liter, and no longer on the average price of pumps.

The text also establishes that the charge will be made directly at refineries, and not at gas stations.

São Francisco and Pernambuco interconnection

Bolsonaro triggered this Friday morning to open the floodgates of the Ramal do Agreste, in the interior of Pernambuco, which will enable the beginning of tests on the water structure connected to the São Francisco River crossing.

The branch, budgeted at R $ 1.67 billion and with 84.15% of execution, should only be concluded in June 2021. Last year, R $ 559.5 million were invested in the work, which mobilizes 2.6 thousand workers.

From the Barro Branco reservoir, in Sertânia, where the floodgates were opened by the president, the water passes through eight channels, three siphons and three tunnels, which add up to 37.4 kilometers, until reaching the Negros reservoir, in the same municipality.

This whole structure is part of the so-called Marco 1 of the intervention, which is still composed of two more sections. The enterprise is 70.8 kilometers long and has a flow capacity of 8 thousand liters of water per second.

When completed, the Agreste branch will take the waters of the East Axis of the São Francisco River Integration project to the region with the greatest water scarcity in Pernambuco. The forecast is that the intervention will serve 68 cities and more than 2.2 million people through the Adutora do Agreste, which is run by the government of Pernambuco.

“Water is life for these suffering people. This is more than winning in the mega-senna. Water is priceless ”, said the president.


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