We will renew emergency aid for two or three months, says Guedes – 06/08/2021 – Market

Minister Paulo Guedes (Economy) said on Tuesday (8) that the government intends to renew emergency aid for two or three months. According to him, the expansion of coverage follows the vaccination program against Covid-19 in the states.

as showed the leaf, the government is designing a new extension of the aid. The current plan is to extend the benefit for another two months, expected to end in September this year.

“Possibly, we will now extend the aid for another two or three months, because the pandemic is here. The governors are saying that in two or three months the adult population will be fully vaccinated, so we will renew the aid for two or three months. And soon after, the Bolsa Família, which has already been reinforced, enters”, he stated.

The minister participated in a videoconference with the Parliamentary Front of the Services Sector this Tuesday afternoon.

In the format elaborated by the folder, the two additional months of the aid must have a total cost of R$ 18 billion. Of this amount, R$ 11 billion would be released through extraordinary credits, resources destined to unforeseen and urgent situations. This amount is not accounted for in the spending ceiling, a rule that limits government spending to the variation in inflation.

Another R$ 7 billion will come from leftovers from the current round of assistance. The program in effect today has a four-month duration, from April to July, and received R$ 44 billion.

The idea is to keep the public benefited and the values ​​of the installments. The standard payment amount is R$250. For female heads of household, the benefit is R$375. People who live alone receive R$150

During the videoconference, Guedes also stated that the government’s new employment program will pay R$550 to young people who enter a qualification program in companies. Previously, the minister had said that this transfer could be R$600.

The new program should institute the BIP (Productive Inclusion Bonus), paid by the government, in the amount of R$275 per month, and the BIQ (Qualification Incentive Bonus), paid by the company, also of R$275.

According to the minister, the program will be aimed at young people between 18 and 28 years old who wanted to do on-the-job training. According to him, the participant can stay in the program for up to a year or a year and a half.

“We think there will be a very rapid increase in the level of employment. Let’s pick up where the incidence of unemployment is higher”, he said.

The minister stated that the government is already being approached by large companies that would be “ordering” young people.


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