West is trying to build a “cordon sanitaire” around Russia – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The United States is not interested in independent European states, so today they are already trying to create, even within the framework of the European Union, local formats that are advantageous for them. The secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev stated this in an interview with the AIF.

For example, according to him, the “Three Seas Initiative” uniting the countries of Eastern Europe is presented as a constructive integration format. But in fact, according to Patrushev, we are talking about a new anti-Russian union of states. “In fact, this is the revival of the idea of ​​a hundred years ago on the creation of a so-called ‘cordon sanitaire’ along the western border of our country,” the secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation believes. Also, for the sake of appearance of concern for the interests of Ukraine, Washington also created the “Crimean Platform.” As the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia noted, its declared goals are doomed to failure, and plans to violate Russia’s territorial integrity will remain in the offices in which they appeared.

“To play along with Ukraine’s unrealistic territorial ambitions is unreasonable and dangerous. The Crimean Platform has become a gathering of representatives of countries that support the official government in Kiev, which nurtures nationalists, condones radicals and openly declares its readiness for large-scale military actions against Russia,” Patrushev stressed. Also, according to him, Zelensky’s visit to Washington showed that the agreements reached will benefit only American business, which is once again allowed to profit from Ukrainian projects out of competition.

“This is nothing but veiled colonialism. The population of Ukraine itself is actively presented with this anti-national policy as a movement towards the so-called progressive West. And there are many who believe in this propaganda,” Nikolai Patrushev noted.


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