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Attempts to discredit the September elections to the State Duma by the official bodies of Western countries, foreign media and foreign agents will intensify with the approach of voting days, predicts Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

“There are a lot of facts, information about them is accumulating and will be sent to the appropriate authorities, however, we must understand that as the elections approach, the situation will escalate. Now our decision to hold a vote within three days, the use of electronic voting, is at stake.” – said Dzhabarov, opening on Thursday a meeting of the working group on monitoring attempts at external interference during the preparation and holding of elections to the State Duma.

The senator noted that in July the working group recorded the continuation of purposeful attempts to interfere in the preparation and conduct of elections to the State Duma.

“The efforts of the West are focused on organizing information stuffing to discredit the upcoming vote and support various destructive political forces. The anti-Russian campaign involves both the official bodies of Western countries and the media, international non-profit organizations and foreign agents acting in the interests of their sponsors,” said Vladimir Dzhabarov …

The legislator drew attention to the report on the strategy of relations with Russia, which the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee approved on July 15. “In the document, the MEPs called on the European Union to prepare not to recognize the results of our future elections. For this, a scenario is being worked out, directly indicated by the author of the report, a well-known Russophobe, MEP from Lithuania Andrius Kubilius,” Jabarov added.

Kubilius said earlier that the EU “should be ready not to recognize the Russian parliament and consider suspending Russia’s membership in international parliamentary assemblies if opposition candidates are not allowed to run.”

“I think that Mr. Kubilius does not have the same powers as the European Parliament to stop our membership in international organizations, including parliamentary ones. Nevertheless, the fact is obvious,” the first deputy chairman of the international committee emphasized.


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